Terms of Use


These are the terms of use for the “dokidoki Veggie Box, a service provided by 土帰 doki Earth (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”). These Terms of Use govern the conditions of use of all services provided by the Company (“Services”) and apply to all customers who use the Services. Please be sure to read the full text if you use this service. 


How to Use

  • Content: The Services contain organic agricultural products, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, tea, rice, and processed food like pickles, dressing, etc. The vegetables are very fresh and often harvested on the day of delivery which is why there might still be some soil on them. Please wash them before eating.
    We also provide biowaste bags in which we accept your kitchen scraps and other biowaste.
    All packaging used is supposed to be biodegradable and/or reusable. The box itself is the property of our company and is supposed to be returned to us. All material used within the box may either stay at the consumer’s household or return to us unless otherwise specified.
  • Quantity: One box serves 1-2 persons a week. You can find examples of vegetable sets here (amount can differ depending on the type of content).
  • Price: ¥2500 (tax included) + delivery fee.
    The delivery fee differs depending on the distance from Sendai Station:
    Less than 2.5km from Sendai Station = ¥500/Box
    2.5-5km from Sendai Station = ¥750/Box
    More than 5km from Sendai Station = ¥1000/Box
  • Order: If you subscribe by Monday, your box will be delivered on Thursday of the same week.
  • Delivery: Our boxes are delivered by HOLAX. Please make sure to accept the new box and return the previous box at the designated place.
  • Place and time: The company delivers directly from our work space to your doorstep (or a different designated place). It will be delivered between 12pm and 4pm on Thursday.
  • Payment: You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB or WeChat. In the subscription course, the payment is automatically transferred from your bank account every week.
  • Contact: We contact you about weekly box content and other news via LINE and/or email. If you have questions, feel free to contact us via these channels.
  • Biowaste: Besides food, the Company also delivers compostable biowaste bags within each box. These bags are meant for your plant-based kitchen scraps and other biodegradable waste. After taking out the delivered goods, please put the filled biowaste bags into your box. When delivering the new box the next week, we will pick up the previous one together with the biowaste and compost it. (Things that can not be put into the biowaste bags should be specified)
  • Switching Delivery Spots: If you are on holiday, or for whatever reason cannot receive the box in person, you can change the address and have it delivered to a friend (in this way, a second household can use the box, if you don’t need one every week). Please contact us by Monday previous to the next delivery.
  • Breaks: You can take a break anytime without paying a fee but make sure to inform us of the time and duration at least one week before taking the break. If you tell us less than 7 days ahead, we will charge a fee of ¥500.
  • Change in order: If you don’t like a specific sort of vegetable or other food, you can let us know and we will be happy to replace it with other vegetables that are available.
  • Shortages: If our farmers experience crop shortages due to typhoons or other natural causes, you can choose whether you want your money back or receive the order at another time.
  • Deposit: We use reusable boxes for which we charge a deposit in case it gets lost or damaged. The deposit is 1000¥. After cancellation, you will get your money back if the boxes you used are returned in a good condition. Loyal customers get their deposit back after half a year of subscription. In case the box has to be replaced, we will charge a new deposit fee.
  • Cancellation: The cancellation period is two weeks. Make sure to cancel at least two weeks before the last desired delivery.
  • Cooling-off period: You can cancel within the first 8 days after receiving your first Veggie Box. The box has to return to us.

Consent to Terms of Use

By using the Services, you consent to these Terms of Use. If you do not consent to the Terms of Use, you may not use the Services. 


The Company is entitled to revise these Terms of Use or Additional Provisions as needed. Revisions to these Terms of Use will be displayed on this page; revisions to any Additional Provisions will be displayed within the relevant Service. When, following a revision to the Terms of Use or to an Additional Provision, you use a Service subject to such revision, such revision shall constitute a part of your agreement with the Company. If you do not consent to revisions, you must cease use of the Service.

Changes to and Termination of the Services

The Company is entitled to change the content or specifications of the Services, and to terminate or temporarily suspend the Services, at any time and without prior notification to you.

Restrictions on Use of the Services

If you are a minor, you must obtain advance consent from a legal representative before using the Services. In some cases, the Company may contact your legal representative to verify whether such consent was given.

Furthermore, the Company refuses to allow use of the Services to members of anti-social forces (including persons who were members in the past) and to affiliates thereof, as well as to persons who misuse the Services or use the Services so as to be a nuisance or cause inconvenience to third parties.


In some cases, an account may be required for use of the Services. You may create an account yourself.

When creating an account, you are obligated (1) to register information that is true and accurate, and (2) to personally amend registered content, as appropriate, to ensure that such content is up-to-date.

For purposes of account protection, passwords should not be shared with others. You are personally liable for all acts performed via your account. The Company is entitled to deem any act performed via your account to be an act committed by you.

Use Fees

You shall pay the prescribed use fees for any paid Services and products, by the deadline prescribed by the Company, using a method prescribed by the Company. Fees for payment shall be borne by the customer.

Handling of personal information

  • We use your personal information for the following purposes:
    1. To sell the products, rights, services, etc. of our company and third parties
    2. For shipping and delivery of products
    3. For billing and billing calculation
    4. To conduct a usage examination
    5. To manage customer information
    6. To send an e-mail newsletter
    7. For advertising or promotion of products of our company and third parties (including sending e-mails, leaflets, and other direct mails)
    8. For notification of matters necessary for operation
    9. To manage seminars and events
    10. To carry out campaigns, contact winners, send prizes, etc.
    11. To conduct a survey
    12. To provide point services and affiliate services
    13. To support products and services, and to respond to inquiries, etc.
    14. For marketing activities including face-to-face sales
    15. For survey statistical analysis of marketing data
    16. To develop and improve our products and services
    17. For system maintenance and troubleshooting
    18. To simplify the work such as customer registration when a customer who has registered personal information with the Company or a subsidiary uses another service provided by the Company or a subsidiary.
    19. When the handling of personal information is outsourced by a partner company, etc.
    20. To exercise rights and fulfill obligations under contracts and laws
    21. For other purposes individually defined for each of our services
  • For the purpose of use in the preceding paragraph, we will hold name, address, telephone number, gender, email address, date of birth, credit card information, bank account number, purchase history, family composition, occupation, job title, holding qualification, annual income, other property information, hobbies, tastes, IDs, IP addresses, information about visited websites and other access logs, complaints, consultation or inquiry information, voice information, image information such as facial photographs, and other information necessary for providing services. By combining one or more of these, personal information that can identify a specific individual can be used.
  • We will protect your personal information appropriately based on our privacy policy, and will not use your personal information beyond the reasonable range of the purpose of use that was notified when you stored your personal information. If it becomes necessary to use for any purpose other than these, we will notify the customer in advance. However, this does not apply in the following cases.
    1. When the consent of the person is obtained or when the consent of the person is obtained in advance
    2. If there is an urgent need to protect the life, body or property of the person
    3. When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the healthy development of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
    4. When disclosure is required by law, or when disclosure is requested during legal procedures such as criminal investigation
    5. When an inquiry is received from a public institution for good reason
    6. When outsourcing all or part of our business to a third party
    7. When disclosing to the person who succeeds the business when the business is succeeded due to merger, business transfer, or other reasons
    8. When it is recognized by the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws
  • We may use cookies when you use this site.

Privacy Policy 

The Company will handle any information obtained from you (including personal information) in accordance with the Company’s Privacy Policy. Before using the Services, please read the Privacy Policy carefully and agree to all of its terms and conditions.




土帰 doki Earth guarantees a home delivery service for vegetables (everything associated with the product and its sale, these are referred to as “this service”). Please note that we do not guarantee the contents of the above in case of:

  • Unexpected disasters such as a change in the weather, it becomes impossible to harvest the crops to be shipped, and it is necessary to change the item or quantity or reduce the price of the product.
  • Adhesion of insects to the inside of leaves that are difficult to find in the inspection process
  • Unpredictable deformation or damage of the product during the shipping process


If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact us (contact@dokiearth.com).