We deliver organic, plastic-free vegetables right to your door step!

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土帰 doki Earth

A subscription-based vegetable home-delivery and biowaste pick-up service that uses biodegradable packaging to help you avoid plastic use, and be part of the local nutrient cycle.

NO waste. NO pesticides. NO worries!

Subscribe today and get your veggies box delivered and biowaste picked-up weekly within Sendai (Miyagi).


“One of the best thought through organic farmers boxes I’ve seen! They use a reusable biodegradable box to deliver in and then you return empty the next time. All the produce is plastic free, straight from the farmers with mud and all! The mud helps the organic veggies keep longer so I kept it on until it’s time to eat. They work with farmers from around my prefecture (Miyagi) so if you live in Sendai then this is something you should seriously look at!”

“I got to try new vegetables and that also challenged me to try new recipes which I enjoy. I really like the digital content from the farmers and the recipes, cooking tips and the information about tea. First of all, I was surprised about the quality of the vegetables as I did not expect such a huge difference to those that can be bought at the supermarket. A friend ordered the box, too, and it is fun to think about recipes together.”

“I love the veggie box!! It’s perfect for me because when I got sick, I was thinking I want to try to eat more healthy foods and it’s so good for the environment with no plastic etc. and it comes right to my door. It’s awesome!”

“I’m very satisfied because I buy less stuff at the supermarket, I produce way less burnable garbage and the vegetables I receive are always delicious!”

“Local produce delivered in sustainable and biodegradable packaging which is such a *chef’s kiss* in Japan. They collect compost as well, so not only am I going to become ridiculously healthy, I’m contributing to circular economy and agriculture and supporting a small, local, woman-owned, diverse employee business as well. This box keeps me preoccupied with designing plant-based meals, so I went through less meat (packaging) waste this week. All around win 👍🏼”


There's no such thing as waste.


Only stuff in the wrong place …

– Formidable Vegetable

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