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Based on Article 11 (Act on Specified Commercial Transactions) (Advertisement for mail order), the following will be clearly stated.

Company Overview

Company Name
土帰 doki Earth
Address 〒980-0871 Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai City, Aoba-ku, Hachiman, 5-6-2
Representative Lena Fritzsche
Operations Manager
Lena Fritzsche
Phone Number +81 90-1265-8861
Email Address contact@dokiearth.com
Business Content Building a nutrient cycle along with a biowaste return programme, sales of membership-based home delivery business, organic vegetables for consumers via website and LINE, specially cultivated agricultural products, additive-free processed foods, etc.
Main Location
Selling Price Described on each product page.
Required charges other than product price Shipping charges and transfer fees will be charged separately from the product price depending on the ordered product, quantity, and payment method.
Payment Method
Credit Card
Cancellation during the subscription course Please complete the cancellation procedure one month before the final delivery.
Renewal of Subscription
It will be automatically updated unless you notify us of the cancellation.
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