Frequently asked Questions

What is in the box?

Our box contains a variety of mainly seasonal and local grown vegetables, fruits, herbs, tea, beans, rice and processed goods, such as oil, jam or dried fruits, etc. We are also considering animal products (like honey, eggs) if they meet our organic and suffering-free standards.
We also provide bags for biowaste in which you can put your plant-based kitchen scraps which we pick up together with the box every week.
Furthermore, we only use biodegradable and/or reusable packaging in order to not generate any waste. Biodegradable padding material, such as straw, will be composted.

How much does it cost?

Our medium-size box costs ¥2500 plus a delivery fee of ¥500/¥750/¥1000 (depending on the distance) if you live within our delivery area. If you live outside that area, we might be able to deliver to you but have to adjust the delivery fee.
Since our boxes are reused and property of our company, we charge a deposit fee of 1000¥. This deposit will be refunded to you if you end the subscription or if you keep the subscription for more than half a year. If the box gets lost or damaged by you, the fee will not be refunded.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver within a designated area which is shown on the Subscription page. Please contact us if you would like to receive our box but live outside that area.

May I pick up the box myself?

If you would like to pick up your box yourself instead of having it delivered to your home, please contact us in advance. We will then refund the delivery fee. You can pick up the box at our workspace at Hachiman (Aobaku) in Sendai.

What do I do when on holiday?

If you are on holiday and cannot receive the box in person you can change the address and have it delivered to a friend (in that way, two households could also use one box together if you don’t need one every week). Please contact us by Sunday before delivery.

Can I indicate preferences / intolerances?

If you don’t want a specific sort of vegetable or other food delivered to you, please let us know in the subscription form or contact us via LINE or email ( and we replace it with other vegetables that are available.
It is not possbile to make completely customised orders.

How do I cancel the service?

Please send us an email or LINE message that you want to cancel your subscription.
Please note that the cancellation period is two weeks. Make sure to cancel one month before the last desired delivery.

Where do the vegetables come from?

We want to offer local products wherever possible. That’s why for our vegetable box in Sendai, all vegetables come from organic farmers in Miyagi. Tea, however, might be delivered to us from other regions in Japan.
Fresh vegetables are usually not stored at our location but are brought directly from the farms and delivered to you on the same day.

What do you do with biowaste?

We are supporting the composting of biowaste for higher soil quality and sensible utilisation of our resources. Therefore, we pick up your biowaste weekly as part of our delivery service. You may also bring it to our workspace in person. Please be careful not to use non-biodegradable wrapping.

What we accept:

  • vegetable and fruit leftovers, plant based food waste, plant components (including seaweed)
  • egg shells only
  • old bread biscuits, sweets (including sugar or honey glazing)
  • biodegrable products (e.g. made from bamboo)

What we don’t accept:

  • seafood (including shells, scales, bones)
  • meat or animal based products (including skin, bones, bone marrow)
  • dairy products
  • cigarette butts, tea bags

Our delivery service picks up your kitchen waste and brings it to our composting partner. They compost the biowaste and use it as nutrition for new, healthy, delicious vegetables which will be delivered to your household.

What happens if natural disasters occur?

If we cannot deliver due to typhoons or other natural causes, you can choose whether you want your money back or get the order at another time.
If farmers suffer severe damage, there will also be a way to donate to them.