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  • The contained vegetables are pre-selected by the 土帰 doki Earth team depending on the seasonal supply. We always take your likes, dislikes and allergies into consideration. Please contact us if you want to make adjustments.
  • As the vegetables are very fresh and natural, there might be some soil or bugs on them. Please wash the vegetables before eating.
  • We also provide bags in which we accept your biodegradable waste.
  • The image shows an examples of vegetable box set.

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  • Perfect for a family or community sharing the box
  • Plastic-free, circular, local, seasonal, organic
  • Weekly delivery to your doorstep
  • Biowaste pick-up service included

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We transport the Veggie Box packed with seasonal vegetables and processed goods to your home. All plastic-free!

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No waste

Let’s create a “namagomi-cycle”: a biowaste recycling and nutrient return programme! We at 土帰doki want to reduce plastic consumption in Japan. Plastics pollute the environment when discarded in nature, and 57% of Japanese plastic waste is incinerated, which contributes to global warming. 土帰doki products are made from 100% biodegradable and reusable materials. Hence, they can enrich the soil at the end of their life cycle, by being compostable. We believe treating your biowaste and corresponding packaging as burnable waste, is both careless and harmful to the environment. Collecting them separately from other waste is very important, and we’re proud to offer this as part of our service.

We collect your biowaste in exchange for nutrient-rich vegetables from organic farmers!


Doki in the Kitchen is a space for subscribers to interact and come up with the best recipes for our weekly veggies! It’s a place to post your culinary creations, share recipes, and talk about anything related to food and cooking. Tips, tricks, techniques, tools, and hacks – everything is welcome!

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