Nana Farm

Farmer Masafumi

土帰 doki’s partner farmer: Tomiko Yamagishi

Nana Farm, an organic farm in the Izumi Ward, Sendai, has become 土帰doki Earth’s partner farmer!

The founder of Nana Farm, Mrs. Yamagishi, is also member of Doki’s composting parter “Sendai Namagomi Recycle Network”. She named the farm “Nana Farm” (in Japanese 七菜ファーム) because she’s aiming to grow at least seven types of vegetables professionally. The characters 七 meaning seven and 菜 meaning vegetable reflect this mission.

Cow dung, chicken dung, and bokashi are used as fertilisers in the fields. They make their own bokashi by adding fish meal, oil cake, and EM bacteria to rice bran! In addition, all weeds grown in the fields are composted and returned to the soil. A handmade compost toilet was also installed in the field. In order to return organic matter such as kitchen scraps and weeds to the soil, they say it is important to “get in the mood for microorganisms”. Recently, they’ve been making taro, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, yams, edamame, shiso, pumpkins, onions, and green onions.