Kumakko Farm

Farmer Masafumi

土帰 doki’s partner farmer: Shigetaka Watanabe

Mr. Shigetaka Watanabe, who runs “Kumakko Farm,” recently has become a new Doki partner farmer. Kumakko Farm is located near Akiu Ohtaki in Sendai City surrounded by serene nature. Mr. Watanabe has set three goals for his farm: “farming that fosters a healthy life,” “farming that is friendly to the environment,” and “farming that values connections”. He grows 80 kinds of seasonal vegetables a year. The vegetables grown in a harsh environment with extreme temperature differences and deep snow are characterized by their robustness and rich aroma and taste. Especially komatsuna grown in the farm’s greenhouses is slightly sweet and tender! It is recommended to eat it as soaked or stir-fried vegetables.


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