Imacoco Citta

Farmer Masafumi

土帰 doki’s partner farmer: Masafumi Sato

In 2016, I decided to move to the mountainous area without having any professional skills nor job. Knowing that there was a farmer who provided an agricultural training programme in the neighbourhood and that the government offers farming support, the longtime dream of growing my own food seemed more appealing than ever before. So I decided to start farming.
We use neither agricultural chemicals nor fertilisers in our fields. Additionally, we only use open-pollinated seeds, not F1 seeds, and we try to save local seeds. In the near future, We are planning to use forest leaves and field weeds compost to substitute mulch films.

How can we live intertwined with nature? See, hear and understand as it is. To do that we need to step away from impatience or greed, and do what we can do little by little.



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The Next Day from Mathieu Moindron featuring Masafumi Sato and his family.