Farmer Masafumi

土帰 doki’s delivery partner: Franz Lawrence

My wife and I started HOLAX in 2018 because we saw a need to help the people of Sendai through delivery. Initially we wanted to help senior citizens and expecting mothers with their grocery shopping, but we soon realized that there was a need for our service in a plethora of areas. For example restaurants at that time had take out, but very few actually delivered. We decided to partner with a few restaurants to help them reach more people through delivery. As our company grew we started getting special requests to do things such as take customers (especially the seniors) laundry to the dry cleaners or pay bills at the convenience store. We even help those who can’t move around well enough to take out their garbage in the mornings.

Our mantra has always been to help the people of Sendai in any way possible, so when 土帰doki came to us with this idea for delivering organic vegetables and fruits around Sendai it was a no brainer for us. We would be helping farmers increase their sales while at the same time increasing the healthy lifestyle of the people of Sendai. We look forward to this tremendous opportunity with 土帰doki Earth, and we hope to serve you in the very near future.




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