dokidokiベジボックス Sendai <5km

Vegetable Box

The dokidokiベジボックス contains fresh organic vegetables from local farmers (Miyagi prefecture), sometimes also fruits and herbs. They are always seasonal and selected by us, however, we will consider your likes and dislikes, allergies etc.
The pictures show samples of vegetable sets.

The vegetables are very fresh and often harvested on the same day, which is why there might be some soil on them. Please wash them before eating.

If you want to make any changes, please contact us shortly after we send the vegetable list. We also provide biowaste bags in which we accept your kitchen scraps and other waste.

The box itself is the property of our company and is supposed to return to us. All material used within the box may either stay at the household or return to us unless otherwise specified.

¥14,000 every 4 weeks until cancelled